HOW TO DRESS FOR Head Shot portraits

Think first about the end result, what vibe do you want your photos to portray? If you want polished and professional, grab your best suit. If you want light and airy, grab your favorite boho style flowy dress. If you are going to be alone in the portrait, then obviously we only need to find the right outfit for you! That should be easy right? I know for me, it's a daily struggle just to find clothes that fit my body and that I feel confident wearing, but this is exactly where you need to start. If you are going for a polished look, choose a solid color. Black is slimming and photographs well. If you go for a color, chose a mid tone in a blue, green or purple- go with something that brings out your eyes. Avoid light tops that match your skin or could wash you out.

  1. Choose darker shades like black, blue, green or wine (red or purple)
  2. Select clothes that fit, if it's too loose or too tight, it won't look right
  3. Avoid light skin tone shades, white can work
  4. Avoid large scale patterns, patterns should be used if layering. For example, a pattern on a scarf or shirt under a jacket is fine.

A few things to think about. As you plan your outfit, let's go back to the end result. If you are an interior designer, wearing a black suit isn't going to fit your style but if you are a social worker, a black suit will show highlight your professionalism. If you do choose a patterned dress, make sure the pattern is small and you can add in a solid- whether that is a belt or a scarf. Dress for your body and for your style your portraits will shine!


I always like to shoot "head shots" in a comfortable and clean environment. This can be done in a studio if you prefer, but can also be done in your office, outside in an urban area or anywhere with some visual interest.

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